A comprehensive program on skin care.

When I look at my own personal journey of becoming aware of my body, it truly began after years of suffering from bad skin. Acne controlled my confidence, it hindered my energy, and made me ashamed of who I was. If you are here because you have had skin issues, you know this delicate relationship well. 

After years of birth control, prescriptions, Pro-Activ, and a whole lot of self-hate, I found my career and my life path because of what happened when I looked more than SKIN DEEP and began healing my skin from the inside out. 

You are not destined for bad skin.

There is a better way. I am thrilled to announce the first installment of The Body Awareness Project: Love The Skin You Are In.

Addressing every bit and piece of skin from food to hormones, from liver to cosmetics, I dive in head first with guests who aren’t just incredible practitioners, authors, and bloggers, but are those who have had that same healing journey with loving the skin they are in. 

Topics we are going to cover

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  • The root cause of acne and how to heal

  • Nutritional deficiencies and epigenetics

  • Proper liver function and detoxification

  • Hormone regulation

  • PCOS and acne

  • Stress, cortisol, and breakouts

Hours of content covering

Include a list of items to support the central theme of your page. Bulleted lists are a great way to parse information into digestible pieces.

  • Fixations. Body image, and your healing journey

  • The gut’s connection with our skin

  • Ayurvedic medicine practices

  • Herbal medicine and essential oils

  • Basic ingredients in cosmetics to avoid

  • Natural skin care and sun protection

Join me in this program

With hours of video and audio content, e-books and recipes - this course will not only give you the skin you have always wanted, but connect you back to your body. 

Learn with me, and most importantly, become aware with me, as we start our journey to LOVE the skin you are in. 

Love the skin you are in.

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What people are saying

Rachel Irons

Through Em's challenges, she brought light and awareness to the importance of truly loving my own body for everything that it is. And with this newfound self-love that I have, I know that I am far more capable, strong and badass than I ever thought imaginable.

Rachel Mode

Thank you for putting this together! The information I’m learning from these courses is truly life changing. There is SO much great information shared in each section, I really wish all women could have access to it. I feel like we should be teaching this stuff in schools! Had I known the things I am learning now when I was a teenager, I might have made a different decision about going on birth control and retin-a for my skin issues. At the time, I felt it was the only way and I’ve been scared to get off of it ever since.

Lorraine Nichols

My initial reaction is WOW. This is so incredible. I'm just getting started, but I'm already going to stop where I am - go back and start taking notes and print everything off to make a binder for future reference. This information is not only valuable for your clients but for practitioners.

Love the skin you are in!

Get the online course (without the bonus box of skin essentials)

When we stop resisting our body and start embracing it, we find a beautiful place of empowerment.

The Body Awareness Project is a collection of experts who are all here to teach you, work with you, and help you tap in to a place of appreciation for your body and for self. Each program has been thoughtfully put together, produced in a way that will give you knowledge, resources, tools, and with that, an understanding of the topic at hand.

About Em

Founder, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Personal Trainer

Emily Schromm

Emily Schromm is a personal trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and self-proclaimed Meathead Hippie that found her career in nutrition and fitness through her own journey of self-discovery. From MTV's Challenge to Women's Health Magazine's Next Fitness Star, Emily has a passion for empowering others to EMPOWER THEMSELVES. Emily's:main website.fitness backpack.loose-leaf herbal teas.Meathead Hippie podcast.Instagram.